An Opportunity to Be Taller

undefinedThe human growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and released to the body so that we can grow and repair our bones and regenerate our organs. The hormone performs a number of functions and as such, it is very important. The growth hormone is also involved in our metabolism, which is how we break down our food. Because of the way it works and its uses, it is a hormone that is of particular interest as a treatment to be used in human beings and other animals. The growth hormone can have two different types of effects on the body; direct and indirect.

undefinedGrowth is not the sole responsibility of the growth hormone though. In truth, growth is achieved as the result of the workings of a number of different hormones, but the growth hormone is in charge of encouraging the liver to produce the products that the body needs for the growth of its bones, and in this way the growth hormone can be said to have a direct effect on the ability of bones to grow.

In terms of our metabolic rate, the growth hormone can be said to have both indirect and direct effects, but nevertheless it is a relevant factor.

It is clear that the growth hormone is of importance to us and so it would seem sensible to understand what we can do to encourage its production. There are things that we can do that will facilitate how much growth hormone we produce and also what our bodies do with it. Exercising is one aspect of our lifestyles that we can look to address because the more exercise we do, the more likely it is that we will produce more growth hormone. Diet will help too so it is good to think about ensuring we get the right nutrients, but this is a sensible idea anyway because a balanced diet has numerous benefits. Interestingly, sleep is very important because it is while you are asleep that your body starts to use the growth hormone that you have worked hard to produce, so getting your full night’s sleep is essential.

undefinedGrowth hormone is clearly a hormone that plays an important role in the make-up of our bodies and we can see this especially when we consider what happens when a body produces too much of the hormone or is deficient in it. Growth hormone deficiency is not just about how much is produced, though, it is about how well the cells it targets respond to it. The impact of growth hormone deficiency depends on the age at which the problem starts and can be caused by either an inherited disease or one that has been developed over time.

It is also possible that the body can produce too much of the growth hormone, which could result in Giantism – a condition that starts in children or teenagers – or Acromegaly which develops in adulthood.

Growth Hormone Treatment:

In the past, the human growth hormone has been taken from the recently deceased to act as a treatment for children with severely stunted growth. Genetic engineering, though, has meant that growth hormone is more widely available and can be used in human beings as well as animals.

undefinedCurrently, growth hormone is used to treat children with genuine growth problems, but the concern is that the treatment will be offered to children who do not have severe growth issues but whose parent’s wish them to be taller. This is problematic because they would be putting their children through unnecessary therapy and exposing them to an unrequired level of risk. Growth hormone therapy may be considered safe but like all medical treatments, there is the potential for risk, problems, or side effects. It is of course much safer that a child is not forced to go through this therapy unless it is absolutely and genuinely required.

undefinedThe role of growth hormone in terms of the natural course of aging is not fully understood as yet but this is an area that is being looked at. The hormone has been used to enhance how much milk is produced by cows, though because it has been found that administering the hormone does increase the amount that is yielded and so can be profitable. Naturally though, this move has caused contention.

Human growth hormone treatment is being offered and is a viable medical option. In adulthood there may be other treatments you may wish to consider if this is not an option for you. You might want to consider more exercise, a better diet, a more regular sleeping pattern. You might want to try HeightGrowth Grow Taller Pills to see if this can help.

It is always recommended you seek medical advice before you embark on any lifestyle changes or any course of treatments that you think may support your aim to be taller.