Height Increase after Puberty

undefinedIn our society height is the common factor influencing human life. Naturally after puberty, men and women not considering their height because they think that there is no chance of increase in height after puberty.  But in recent years due to research in height growth most people start thinking about their height. Based on these research techniques anyone can grow taller at any age. Almost 90 percent of the bone growth happens in night. (i.e.) bone growth happens only during sleeping time. Normally human height based on back spine. If your back spine has more strength then you have better stature. The spine should have 33 sections of bone which are separated by a plate type of cartilage. Cartilage acts as shock absorbers for the vertebrae and gives spine flexibility. There are certain vitamins also influence in human heights. Mainly calcium gives you stronger bone, if you have break in bone, the new bone form in the area where the bone broke. Calcium is a mineral that makes bone think and strong. Vitamin D helps in grow and maintain strong bones. Glucose helps in cartilage growth. Naturally multi vitamin nutrition leads a healthy spine.

undefinedMostly lower back muscles in your back spine maintain your posture, curve of spine and support in movement. If the back lower muscles are weak it leads to poor posture. Research results tell Height Growth Hormone is the main reason for people not grown after puberty. This is a complex hormone that helps your muscles, bones and tissues to increase in size. So people trying out the synthetic hormone injection to increase their height. It cause too expensive and mostly spoil health. If you are looking for increase in height opt for better, safe and easiest way to increase your height.

undefinedFew height increasing work out, all along with the proper diet and good sleeping habits, can help the growing procedure. An very important factor is your age. The younger kids might grow taller more with the good diet and better work out plan than they may grow without them. So here you may see few grow taller exercises that might supplement the human growth. Since with other work out program, key to the success is dedication as well as persistence.

Cobra: Lie on floor face down with the palms on floor under shoulders. Start to arch your spine-up and leading with the chin. Every repetition must last for 5 to 30 seconds.

Super Cobra: Begin with arms perpendicular to floor, and spine arched (end position of cobra). Then blend your hips & bring your entire body up in the inverted ‘V’ position. When you are doing this, tuck your chin over your chest and return to original position. Every repetition must last between 10 to 20 seconds.

Two Straight Legs: Lying facedown with palms down & on sides, pull both your legs up as high as possible. Then keep your feet together and every repetition must last for about 3 seconds.